ADD-Venturous was created with one goal in mind – to make curious minds take thrilling and spontaneous trips and add a little adventure to it. Everyone should craft their travel to their best liking and my job is to show you that adventure make memories last forever. I encourage all to seek unique, authentic and less-traveled in the most sustainable way.

             A traveler is really not someone who crosses ground so much as someone who is always hungry for the next challenge and adventure. True travelers seek off the grid, mingle with locale, experience the authenticity and push the limits. The rush of adrenaline makes up feel joyful and memories more vivid. Travel is meant to relax your mind , adventure – feed your soul. 

The most thrilling things to do on each island in Hawaii 

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7 Best Things to Do for Thrill-Seekers in Hawaii

7 Best Things to Do for Thrill-Seekers in Hawaii

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