Review of an Introductory Flight Class. Should You Do it?

I will begin by saying that I AM a nervous flyer. It does surprise many people because I travel more often than many of my friends, or anyone I personally know. I could never explain why take-off, landing, or slightest turbulence made my breathing heavy and palms sweaty. But this non-constructive fear of flying can’t possibly stop me from my travel agenda. Naturally, I decided to take the bull by the horns and take a flight lesson to learn what it entails to be in the driver’s seat. And here is my review of my fist introductory flight calls with Global Aviation Corp.


Introductory Flight review with Global Aviation Corp


In order to take your first introductory class, you do not need any special training or knowledge. You can take your first flight by yourself, or with another person (not including the instructor). If you bring a friend, you both experience, and help, during taxing, take off, flying and landing.

Since I am based in New York City, the closest airport that conducts flight training is Farmingdale in Long Island (about 1 hour rive from NYC). During my first flight experience I was in a Piper Warrior I – a small four seat-er plane. It can reach a maximum of 12 000 ft, even though during your first flight you will stay around 3 – 4 000 ft. These small planes have enough fuel capacity for a 5 hour journey before it needs to stop to refuel.

Prior to boarding we had a 20 minute on-ground instruction with our pilot, who was terrific,  where we learnt the basics of conducting a plane inspection. We were given a choice of our destination, either flying over Fire Island, Jones beach or Connecticut. We thought it would feel a little more distant and “exotic” if you will to take our course to Bridgeport, CT. My husband opted to be the first one flying which gave me a visual lesson and extra time to adjust to being in the air. An hour an a half later it was my turn to pilot.

I surely felt more in control when I got a grip of the yoke (the official name of the steering wheel). Just like a student driver, your instructor has a set of pedals and a yoke as well. Well, in case you, let’s say “make a wrong move”.

Since take-off, just like landing requires more hours in the air to exercise on your own, I got control over the plane once we reached 200 ft. Having ascended to 3000 ft we headed towards Bridgeport, CT across a bay. And the feeling was exhilarating. All fears and anxieties had vanished and the sense of tranquility taken over me. It was very easy to succumb to the views down below and the mesmerizing hue of the thinning air. The excitements and sense of happiness is worth the every minute of preparation.

If you have doubts or on the verge of taking a flight lesson, DO IT! You re-think all your fears of flying and experience the most peaceful journey.



This is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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