Travel Planning


Do you find researching destinations and pricing to be overwhelming and time-consuming? So do most people. Finding a perfect vacation requires time, research and expertise. That’s when I come into play. 


My name is Yulia and I am a certified travel agent who has been traveling and planning travel for other people for over 6 years (with short breaks). I live and breathe travel and have helped countless customers to make their dream vacation become reality.

I have booked anything from a short getaway to a complex multi-country voyage, All-Inclusive packages to road trips. My extensive knowledge of most destinations and close partnership with tour brands and hotels, give me leverage to ensure that my clients receive the best care.

Why book with me?

  • I have traveled extensively to 33 countries on 5 continents and know all sought after destinations in and out.
  • Having connected with many travel bloggers and writers, I have a network of travel experts around the world and their invaluable expertise of destinations, safety updates and first hand experience. One brain is good, hundreds – is better!
  • I work for one of the largest travel agencies in The United States, ProTravel International, which will guarantee a 24/7 support while you are traveling.

How I can help YOU!

  • Based on your preference, budget and travel style, I plan customized best value packages and give you a few carefully selected options to choose from.
  • I make all arrangements for you: finding and booking the best airfare, hotels, transportation (trains, buses and airport shuttles) car rentals and travel insurance. This also includes sightseeing recommendations, packing guide and much more.
  • You can ask for an advise on any destination whether you are traveling as a couple, with a family, group or going on a honeymoon (Read here if you are planning a honeymoon. You deserve a special place on my blog)
  • It will be stress free for you and you don’t have to worry about remembering countless websites and phone numbers when you are traveling. I know that things happen. And when they do – I will be there for you to make the phone calls, smooth things over or open a claim on your behalf.
  • Best part – I do NOT charge any fees for my services. I get all the love I need from the suppliers when you book. Why not take advantage of it?

I will always create the best trip possible for you and I provide an honest, unbiased and researched advice to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.
Inquire about your dream vacation and see if I can help making it come true. With ease…After all – that’s my job.

Send me a free quote request and let me help you plan your next vacation, getaway or a honeymoon!